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Class duration: 30 minutes
Metaclasses is HIIT in its finest form! You’ll be presented with one of two sessions:
MetaFit - A short intense fat burning session.
MetaPwr - A circuit session to burn fat, build lean muscle.


Class duration: 45 minutes
You’ll jack up your heart rate in this workout and make it your own ! This workout can be as hard or as easy as you make it; the harder you work the better the results! 


Class duration: 45 minutes
Time to lift some weights! No matter your fitness level, you will love the way we make you stronger, without the bulk.


Class duration: 30 minutes
A mix of cardio and weights which will ignite your fitness!


Class duration: 45 minutes
Targeting strength building and muscular endurance our circuit sessions will condition the body in both high intensity and low impact formats. You’ll burn fat and be fit & fab all whilst enjoying the vibe circuit training brings.

Express 30

Class duration: 30 minutes
In just 30 minutes you will get a great hybrid workout of strength and increased heart rate ensuring you get maximum results in minimum time! Perfect for the busy person who has goals to smash but not much time with which do it in! Join us In Studio or select the Zoom workout session when booking to join from home!

Mat Pilates

Class duration: 30 minutes
Forget breathwork and bracing, this is modern pilates! We embrace trusting your body while working a series of low-impact movements designed to improve your flexibility, balance, and core strength. Join us In Studio or select the Zoom workout session when booking to join from home!

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