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I love a good challenge, especially ones that challenge your mind as much as it challenges your body. When I found out I’d won a spot in the 6 week challenge, I was scared if not terrified. I tried to back out of it, even tried to gift the spot to someone I thought was more deserving than me. Deep down I had always wanted to try and complete a challenge like this but was afraidof putting myself out there and failing at it. Anxiety had kept me away from training in group fitness environments and years of yo-yo dieting had left me with disordered eating and a poor relationship with food.

The classes at BodyBlast are a safe environment where you are welcomed, supported and encouraged. I now actually look forward to the next class. Cherie and Kate’s nutrition education has enabled me to have an educated approach to eating rather than dieting. Their level of accountability is incredible, it’s probably the only thing which got me through the first 2 weeks of the challenge.

My weeks are now super organised. Meals are planned, food is prepped and group fitness classes are booked. I recommend doing to the 6 week challenge to anyone that needs help and wants to change their life. It’s without question not easy and beyond doubt, worth it.

Michelle K

I started with Body Blast in January 2014 as I was determined to do something for myself and had not long gone into an office job from walking around heaps all day and was feeling blah for lack of a better word! Being a solo Mum I have very little time for myself so 5am classes worked for me. After all as Kate would say "What else would you be doing at this time of morning?" I remember seeing a motivational quote around the time I started classes that said "If not now, when?" Which really stuck especially when the alarm went off at 4.30 to get my lazy ass to the gym! Kate and Cherie were amazing when I first started making sure I could do the exercises and if not finding an alternative or suggesting a beginners option. They were super encouraging and welcoming. I was your typical reluctant gym goer to start with and thought I was making the effort to get up 2 days a week at that ungodly time so that was more than enough thank you very much! And every week when they asked if I had done any cardio in between visits I would give a sly smile and laugh - My catch phrase was "I don't do cardio!" Well more fool me they introduced an extra class to BodyBlast especially for cardio! Too smart!

Anyway I attended about 5 intakes of Body Blast classes that year and was pretty happy with how my strength improved and hanging out with my fit family became a habit.

Come the end of the year we took a break and I figured I had come this far and didn't want to lose what I had worked hard for so decided to go to Kate for some PT sessions until classes started again in the New Year. Having one on one time with Kate was different to the class environment but Kate was great and knew exactly what I was capable of and made sure I pushed myself to get there.

When we started again in 2015 I had been encouraged (persuaded?) to join the Wogging group as well so I was all of a sudden exercising 6 days a week and enjoying it!

The real magic started when I signed up to get a nutrition plan as part of the Body Blast class and managed to lose just over 5kg in 8 weeks and completely change my body shape. I was getting comments and compliments from all directions about how great I looked but the best of all was how great I FELT!

The small class environment is awesome and Kate and Cherie always encourage us to 'Go our own hard'. It's never a competition with anyone but our own self and when you're having an off day they pick up on that and will reassure you that it's ok and that we are all human. Cherie and Kate are both very relatable and real and you know they've been where you are and genuinely want to help you get the best possible you whatever your goals may be.

I'm now in the best shape I've ever been and lighter than I was before I had my 2 kids and just ran my first half marathon and none of it would've happened without the amazing support, advice and encouragement (and the odd swear word) from Kate and Cherie. They're no longer just my trainers by also good friends.

You guys are truly the best!

Vanessa M

I made contact with Cherie from Body Blast after years of feeling unhappy with not only my weight and appearance but my terrible mood swings and excessive tiredness which I knew all came from my poor diet and lack of exercise. Cherie made me feel like I had an instant friend and supporter on my side. After being offered a range of training methods we decided that the Body Blast 8 week challenges would be a great start for me to begin my health and fitness journey. I came along to my first class feeling very anxious, but was greeted at the door by a smiling and friendly Cherie and was introduced to Kate for the first time. I instantly felt a great vibe from both of these lovely ladies and they put all my anxieties to rest. I have now completed 2 consecutive challenges and am currently doing my third, I feel great, I have energy again, I have lost weight and better than that lost centimeters (a lot). These ladies are fantastic role models for a healthy lifestyle and most importantly are super supportive. I have improved my life by being part of their amazing team and have made great friends along the way.

Sarah C

It takes a lot to get me excited about exercise but I actually love coming to Metafit & MetaPWR! Cherie and Kate are incredibly supportive in helping you achieve your goals...... and ensuring you turn up !!!
Exactly what I need!

Sarah H

I don't do exercise and I'm not coordinated. Joined Bodyblast on a whim and have never looked back. Cherie and Kate make your workouts tough but achievable and challenge you daily to better yourself. The team we work out with are awesome and welcome you with open arms. Very motivating and I love it! I'm coming back for more!

Priya W

The old me used to make any excuse to get out of exercising but after having had a health issue which left me unable to exercise for a year I decided to stop taking my able body for granted. I entered the challenge as I was determined to 'make my comeback greater than my setback!'. I wanted to do something positive for myself and regain my physical strength. My lack of fitness meant the classes were bit of a struggle at first but nothing a bit of perseverance couldn't fix. However being a complete (junk) foodie I knew the biggest challenge ahead of me would be following the nutrition plan. I admit I was really reluctant to try it but thought that if I'm going to do something I should do it properly. Not only did I owe it to my body to fuel it properly but I was also curious to see how my body would react to the change in diet. It made such a difference that I've now implemented some of the items into my everyday eating habits. 

It wasn't always easy (it is called a 'challenge' after all!) but the super awesome Kate and Cherie were always there to provide advice, encouragement and support, with plenty of laughs along the way! They have the proven recipe for success- all we have to do is follow it. 

Like anything, the hardest part was getting started. But I've found discipline is better than regret and as long as you put in the work you WILL get results. Winning the challenge was a fantastic bonus but I'm still amazed at what I managed to achieve in just 6 weeks. It's given me the confidence to set even higher goals and I'm looking forward to hitting them in the next challenge!

Adele O

Bodyblast has such a fun and inviting atmosphere! I felt like a part of the body blast family from my first session there. I love the group training but I still feel like I have a personal trainer taking me through the exercises! They know how to motivate and push you to your best abilities. During their 6 week challenge I felt myself get fitter and stronger and was incredibly happy with my end results, so much so that I’m staying on! Everyday is different at bodyblast and I absolutely love it!


I joined in on my first challenge Nov 2020 to see what I could actually achieve and to improve my health. I have found after repeating this a few times, all of the information has finally locked in! I have turned all of my new learnt tips into new, healthier, long-term habits, that are now part of my everyday life. The consistency has been key. Each time I have scanned in after completing the challenge, I grew fitter, stronger and a little leaner. The energy came, my sleep improved, and I’d finally found a fun way to exercise and surprisingly didn’t involve wasting hours a day at the gym! Once I’d finished the challenge, I expected, like everything else I’d ever tried, that I would revert back to old habits and lose all the gains I’d made, but I have found it surprisingly easy and enjoyable to maintain after Cherie and Kates help. I was astounded to win the challenge early 2022 finally bedding in the final pieces of making this a long term sustainable way of life …

To name just a few of MANY things I found that helped me would be: 

The videos posted to the group with information on nutrition and interesting facts I hadn’t realised about nutrition  •  One on one chats any time of the day I needed motivation or advice with food choices  •  Daily coaching and feedback on every meal I ate, making small changes along the way that made a difference  •  The importance of what to eat and when, GOLD! Not going hungry, but better alternatives to what I was eating to fuel my body better  •  Learning the importance of scheduling 30 minutes for yourself each day! Life is busy, so I found what works for me is the combination of in studio workouts 3x a week and joining ‘The workout room’ (the Bodyblast portal for Utube workouts) for the other days. There is no excuse when I can push play on a video workout at any crazy hour of the day or night!  •  Being held accountable by two people that genuinely care about helping you reach your goals, positive support with the odd kick up the backside when needed! 

The combination of good clean eating and fun workouts has hands down, been the best investment I’ve made for myself. I have learnt an incredible amount of useful tools for success