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We never said it would be easy.
We said it would be worth it!


Class duration: 30 minutes
Metaclasses is HIIT in its finest form! You’ll be presented with one of two sessions:
MetaFit - A short intense fat burning session.
MetaPwr - A circuit session to burn fat, build lean muscle.


Class duration: 45 minutes
You’ll jack up your heart rate in this workout and make it your own ! This workout can be as hard or as easy as you make it; the harder you work the better the results! 


Class duration: 45 minutes
Time to lift some weights! No matter your fitness level, you will love the way we make you stronger, without the bulk.


Class duration: 30 minutes
A mix of cardio and weights which will ignite your fitness!


Class duration: 45 minutes
Targeting strength building and muscular endurance our circuit sessions will condition the body in both high intensity and low impact formats. You’ll burn fat and be fit & fab all whilst enjoying the vibe circuit training brings.

Express 30

Class duration: 30 minutes
In just 30 minutes you will get a great hybrid workout of strength and increased heart rate ensuring you get maximum results in minimum time! Perfect for the busy person who has goals to smash but not much time with which do it in! Join us In Studio or select the Zoom workout session when booking to join from home!

Mat Pilates

Class duration: 30 minutes
Forget breathwork and bracing, this is modern pilates! We embrace trusting your body while working a series of low-impact movements designed to improve your flexibility, balance, and core strength. Join us In Studio or select the Zoom workout session when booking to join from home!

Why a Body Composition Scanner instead of scales?

It’s not just about weight anymore, there is so much more information we can receive about what is going on INSIDE our bodies! We can look at the scan results and give advice on how to reach your goals. Whether that's to drop body fat, decrease dangerous fats around your vital organs, gain muscle mass or just understand the effect that moving and nutrition is playing on your body, email and book in a body composition scan with us today!

Cost: $35 for non-members, $25 for members. 15 mins is all you need, and you'll love the information you'll receive!

We also offer mobile scanning services to other Fitness Studios and businesses so if that interests you let's chat!

Here at Bodyblast we help busy people create healthy exercise and nutrition habits through a supportive workout environment, easy to follow meal plans and support from Coaches that are invested in their clients long term success.

Kate Eramiha


Taking fitness from a pastime to a career was a no brainer. My love for movement has always been strong. Helping people with their goals from being able to put on their socks, to running ultra marathons is such an honour and a privilege not taken lightly.

Cherie Garland


Transitioning from a corporate background to the fitness industry, I've learned that health is true wealth (through my own weight loss journey). As a GCS Women’s Coaching Specialist and more recently graduating with a Diploma in Nutrition, I love guiding others toward their health goals. I enjoy running, walking, and find great joy in helping people achieve their fitness goals.

Karen Banfield


Health and fitness is a very big part of my life and I feel very passionate about helping others to reach their health and fitness goals. In my role as a qualified Personal Trainer I motivate others to lead a happier and healthier lifestyle. I'm enthusiastic, have an outgoing personality and listen to understand client’s needs and goals. I believe in taking a holistic approach to health and fitness and believe healthy eating is also an important part of the journey.

Kelly van Niekerk


After a life long love-hate relationship with exercise and food, I had Bariatric surgery in 2021. As part of my post-op recovery I took up pilates…enjoying it so much so that I went on to do my pilates instructor training in 2023. I have 4 children, and have been a shift worker for 20 years - so understand what it is like to be perpetually tired! My girl crush is anyone who finds a way to get movement into their day - whatever form that comes in!


Join our Group Training sessions, offering diverse workouts from cardio to strength training, Pilates to high-intensity circuits. Perfect for all fitness levels, our welcoming atmosphere supports beginners and those seeking an extra push. Find your fit, feel empowered, and achieve your goals with our supportive community.


Experience personalised training tailored to your goals in a private studio setting in Pukekohe. Whether it's weight loss or injury rehab, we're here to support you every step of the way. Feel confident and capable as you turn your health and fitness aspirations into reality with us.


Sustainable, non-restrictive meal plans tailored to you, supported by one-on-one guidance and accountability. Achieve your weight loss goals with our nutrition support. Real results, real support, every step of the way.

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