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6 week Challenge Winner - Jaynie!

Jaynie's Story

I was introduced to Bodyblast by a friend, I was so nervous. I hadn't exercised properly for years and I suffer anxiety in any group environment but everyone was so welcoming, supportive and friendly.

Then I jumped into my first challenge! I spent my entire adult life having a terrible relationship with food yo yo dieting, not eating, you name it I did it over and over. The nutrition education has given me an actual feeling of freedom that I have NEVER had. The accountability during the challenge set up great habits for me and exercise has now become something I enjoy and need! The change in my physical well being is amazing but the improvement in my mental health is priceless!

I can honestly say joining Bodyblast has changed my life. I feel at home and safe there and can not believe the stronger, happier and healthier person that I see in the mirror now.

I never liked to praise myself but I actually feel proud of myself as I have overcome so many hurdles, the motto "We never said it would be easy. We said it would be worth it" is so true and I couldn't have done it without the support from ALL the Bodyblast family.

Cherie and Kate you are stars 🌟