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6 week Challenge Winner - Paula!

I’ve been a member of Body Blast from the first day Kate and Cherie started the gym. I love working with both Kate and Cherie, they will push you, support you, encourage you but amongst that we have fun and a lot of laughs. Over those years we have had so many adventures not just in the gym working out we have entered so many team events from fun runs to mud runs and even being chased through Spookers by guys with chainsaws!

I enjoy all the classes that Bodyblast offer, you can always guarantee you will feel great after and be glad you got out and got it done!

I decided to do the latest challenge to drop body fat increase muscle and work towards becoming stronger. I achieved all three, lost 5kgs of body fat equivalent to 10 blocks of butter and ended the challenge lifting a lot heavier than I have ever done before....... success!! This was helped by the encouragement and fun banter from buddies alongside me in class as we would push each other to go heavier.

The food plan was yum! There were some new recipes since the last challenge I did and now they have become family favourites which will continue to be on our weekly meal plan.

"Get on board and do the next challenge, I hear there are some new and exciting things to be added. You really don’t want to miss out."