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6 week Challenge Winner - Rachel!

After turning 50 I started to find it difficult to lose the weight I had gained and found myself moving from one fad diet to another....fasting, keto etc all of which failed. With a trip back to the UK to see my family and friends planned for April 2023 I decided to head back to Bodyblast after a lengthy break to help me get back on track and achieve my weightloss goals.

I started out attending 3 classes a week and with Kate and Cherie’s encouraging support I soon felt my all round fitness levels start to improve and I began to feel healthier and stronger however I had not changed my nutrition so the results were not coming as I hoped.

I saw the first 6 week challenge for 2023 advertised and despite my reservations about being able to commit to the program I jumped on board. After a bumpy start, Cherie & Kate supported me to get underway and from then on I found the program straightforward, meal plans easy to follow and the online support fantastic with the end result having me drop 6kg.

I found that the program really works and is much easier than I thought to fit into my busy lifestyle. I have already got my name down for the next 6 week challenge which will start after my return from the UK.

“I recommend the Bodyblast challenge to anyone – it’s a great experience!”