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10 week Challenge Winner - Kelly!

I started at Bodyblast about 3 and a 1/2 years ago. Nervous about starting as I’d never done any form of group classes, and I certainly hadn’t stuck to any form of exercise since being at school! I found “gyms” intimidating, the machines, the people, all of it. Terrifying.

The 30 minute Meta classes were the drawcard for me. I started at the 9am classes, and when work got too busy for me to get to that class, I gave in and start the early morning classes, much to Kate and Cherie’s delight. They’d been pushing me for at least a year before I moved! I tried 5am for a time but settled at 6am. 7 Bodyblast classes are now part of my weekly routine.

The beauty of a Bodyblast class - you get the benefit of the group dynamic, but with a Personal Trainer making sure you are doing the exercise correctly and pushing you. With lots of laughs.

I signed up to the 10 week challenge after getting frustrated as I was doing all of the work at the gym with my classes, but the weight was slowly but surely creeping on. I knew I was not keeping my nutrition under control.

My hope for the Challenge was that I could form some habits around nutrition over this time. I was a bit of a Challenge for the girls at the start I know. I had a lot of bad habits to break – not eating during the day, eating too late, eating too much.. Once I got my head around it and spent the time to prep for the week, there was no looking back. The mindset changed, and weight started dropping off! Not to mention how much fitter and stronger I got.

The support that is given during the Challenges amazes me. Honestly, I think the only way Kate & Cherie could up the amount of support that they give would be to follow you around and slap the bad foods out of your hand!

Doing a Challenge is not just about getting to the gym to do a class. If you can only do a few classes during the week, I would still recommend doing a Challenge. You will learn so much about fuelling yourself to get the best out of your day. Mentally and physically.