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BB members Kirstie & Kane tell all!

We love that Bodyblast members Kirstie & Kane come into Bodyblast and train together….they fit so well into our Fitness family and have done so since first walking in our doors. We had a few questions for them….

What made you make the leap and come join our fitness family?

2020 was a crap year for fitness. Injuries and covid meant we couldn’t continue with our gym and sports. Lockdown cooking and baking became well mastered but not so friendly on the scales.

When we moved to Pukekohe we left our old gym intending to find one close to home. In the meantime we planned to workout from home. In hindsight this plan was great, but as we all know, home workouts really don’t have that extra push and motivation we get from our Bodyblast family.

A challenge came up in the local grapevine. Kirstie convinced Kane to give it a go on agreement to join a ‘standard’ gym later. Kane was keen on a typical lads gym to pump weights in his own time. We both saw the challenge as a good opportunity to reset our habits and goals. That is certainly what we received. Kane hasn’t since asked to join a ‘standard’ gym, in fact he thrives in the team atmosphere the most out of the two of us.

Can you tell us what you find different here at BodyBlast to other gyms/studios?

The team atmosphere and support is second to none. We’ve never been to a gym where we can name everyone. The biggest difference for bodyblast is the 24/7 support. At most gyms you pay top $$ for generic workout plans. At Bodyblast we get grilled every class (in a good way), the emotional support of a friend, the accountability of a PT, and the food support of a Nutritionist. Bodyblast trainers really cover all bases, they make it the perfect gym for us!

We have several different classes here, what is each of your top two favourite classes and why?

The coolest thing about Bodyblast is that every single class is so different every week. The perfect balance of sweat, laughter, banter, and banging music. We love to get a good mix of weights and cardio throughout our week. Kane’s top two classes are Boxfit (“It’s the class that kills you the most”.) and Metafit (“You work your butt off for 30 mins doing a shitload of exercises you’ve never heard of before and finishing on a Dying Swan”.). Kirstie is indecisive and can’t choose just two. Her top classes are MetaPWR (“High intensity with challenge of weights and bodyweight, bonus it’s complete in 30 mins!”), Bodyblast Fridays (“The good vibes are something to look forward to every week! Friday exercise would be a chore without this class!”), and double Saturdays of Bodyblast and Meta (“Because who doesn’t love killing their body at the beginning of the weekend after a big week in the gym”).

What benefits do you guys get from being in the same classes together?

When starting it was nice to have each other to be newbies together, we know how daunting it can be starting at a new gym. Being in the same classes means we get motivation, firstly to drag each other out of bed at 4am. If one doesn’t want to go the other turns the light on. Commitment to nutrition makes it so much easier sharing similar nutritional goals when it comes to planning meals and keeping certain food out of the house.

What advice would you both have for someone who is thinking about joining us for their free trial class?

DO IT! You won’t regret it. You will never find a team fitness environment like Bodyblast! Seriously the support from everyone, not only our trainers, is unreal. Even better, you can reach your goals by attending 30 minute sessions! How good! And for the men out there, Kane can confirm… you don’t need a ‘standard’ gym. Bodyblast covers all bases! See you soon!