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Caroline's Story

Being a stay at home mum and giving birth to my second child 16 months prior I always put myself last, especially my health. I was done with the “new year, new me”. I pretty much made up excuses each time, the biggest being “I’ll start again Monday” so I found myself messaging Kate and Cherie to jump upon the 6 week Bodyblast challenge.

The first day I walked in the doors I was scared I thought I’d be judged for how slack I was, as gym environments always intimidated me. So many things went through my head but was I wrong. The support I felt at Bodyblast meant I always felt I belonged but did I walk out of those doors puffed? YES! Yet I felt good and what a wake up call that was.

Each day that went by I had always conquered a new day and a new challenge. I can see and feel the new strength I have gained, the energy within and the weight I have dropped over the past weeks, not only that but the knowledge I have gained about nutritional food to be able to fuel my body. I’ve gained knowledge in proper technique, and so much more. Every workout is different, definitely not easy but walking out of those doors feeling a natural high is so rewarding.

Time and being busy with my kids have always set me back on starting somewhere, but being able to take them along or attend early 5am classes has been the biggest help in being able to start my journey. I never set a goal at the beginning of all this, the only one was to just START and that I have accomplished because of BodyBlast.

I never thought I would ever look forward to working out, but here I am thanks to Cherie and Kate!