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Heavyn's Story

With the health issues of high blood pressure and preclampsia that came with her pregnancy and carrying an extra 20kg that she had never carried before, Heavyn was keen to get her pre baby body back!

Heavyn and her partner moved to Pukekohe May 2018.. They both worked South of Auckland so relocating their family to Pukekohe felt like a good fit for them. When the opportunity to buy Advantage Tyres arose they jumped at it, Matt had been in the industry for 15 years so time felt right and they took over May 2019 - the same time as Heavyn had a baby to add to their family!

With those health issues on her mind she was keen to get back health and her pre baby body so after asking around she discovered Bodyblast offer one on one Personal Training sessions and reached out, early December 2019 she began her journey!

Heavyn has worked incredibly hard alongside Coach Cherie with her baby Ashley coming along to her sessions and refound her love of exercise and good fuelling... the results started to show which just egged her on more so when Lockdown occurred we needed a plan to keep the momentum going.... Hello ZOOM!!!

Heavyn continued her focused training with online live PT sessions throughout Lockdown and continued to get closer to her goals week by week - having a wedding planned for November kept her focused however with all the restrictions that came along with Covid they decided to bring the wedding forward and make it a small intimate family wedding the end of May.

Heavyn lost 16kg in 6 months and post wedding has continued training to maintain her fitness and health.

We are incredibly proud of you Heavyn, you continue to train and fuel well being the best version of YOU possible, thanks for choosing Bodyblast for this incredible transformation!