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Kat's Story

I’ve always been fairly active and have attended a number of the gyms in the Franklin area – tried many challenges; classes; weights regimes; boxing and yoga. I have been told I’m hard to motivate as I’m not interested in pushing myself to breaking point and I like a lifestyle. I need variety to keep my interest up and find that group training seems to suit me best but not the conventional class style. A difficult person it seems.

I was nursing an injury and needed to walk Bodhi (my four legged friend) so joined the Bodyblast community walking group – due to the time and energy Cherie and Kate put into the group free of charge I thought it was only fair that I do one of their challenges and the rest is history.

I really enjoy the mix of the classes – cardio and weights which are always changing but what the best part is, is the people. Kate and Cherie are wonderful trainers – they are always watching your form and making sure you don’t hurt yourself. If you do hurt yourself or have other issues, there are always alternatives provided. Hira, Lisa and now Karen are made in the same mould. And then there’s the rest of the Fitfam – all the other gym members – it is a wonderfully supportive group of people. You can socialise as well as work out – you can challenge yourself or just get through the class.

Everyone is at different levels and it doesn’t matter a bit – you’re all still doing the same things and trying to beat your own personal bests. Although I started off doing the challenges I have moved to Elite – I don’t want the “Go Hard” and then “end” of a challenge I wanted a sustainable lifestyle with someone checking in on me every now and again … without an end date for me to think about - it just kept going; like my active and healthy lifestyle.

What has finally clicked for me is that it is not just the amount of exercise that you do in a week but what makes a huge difference is nutrition, sleep and water. In all my challenges I have struggled to reduce my weight – after a radical change of diet for health reasons I am now 5 kilos below what I struggled to get to. I am also less bloated and have so much more energy.

Body Blast helped me maintain my chosen lifestyle, ensuring I don’t damage myself when I am challenging myself, suggesting possible goals, motivating me to keep on track for the goal I have chosen but still allowing me to enjoy life and have that glass of wine or sweet treat. What more could you want?