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2019 – That's a wrap!

Gyms and PTs are everywhere, so why are we still getting bigger, sicker and not moving more? A good question and one that we often think about - it’s why we opened our doors…to find a way to offer something different than a gym membership in a place with shiny slick machines, mirrors and classes so big that the Instructor doesn’t know them all by name .. and doesn’t miss them if they don't turn up.

We teach our clients how to change their lifestyle for the better, we want them to understand how good healthy eating and fitness can and should fit into everyone's schedule and that they can love exercise and be part of an incredibly supportive and empowering fitness family. Our 6 week challenge is focused so people learn to move more, fuel well and can see measurable and maintainable results - they are incredibly popular and since winning the Health and Beauty award we’ve enjoyed meeting many new people who have reached out to begin their journey - we have been overwhelmed with the love and contact from the community and truly humbled by the whole experience!

We know it can take a lot of courage to get into a gym but we make everyone feel welcome and capable. Unlike larger more corporate gyms you will be greeted by name and with a smile every time you walk through the doors. We take the time to get to know our clients, what makes them tick and what makes them give up every now and then.... and then when they are struggling and want to give up we touch base privately .. because we genuinely want to help all our clients be better and fitter and healthier! We are real trainers, no judging, no mirrors, just straightforward exercise in a great setting.

Our sessions are designed to be scaled to ANY ability level. This means a complete beginner and a crazy fit fire breathing dragon (yes we have some of those) can do the same session and get a great workout.

But it needs to be scaled appropriately, that’s why we Coach and do not participate.. we are alongside our clients, pushing and motivating them to reach THEIR potential at THEIR stage.

Every movement, every rep, you should never feel too scared to try one. Our sessions get RESULTS ... look out tho - they are addictive!

We meet people exactly where they are at RIGHT NOW to ensure they are challenged but not broken. Many people feel they need to “get into shape” before they can walk into a gym with confidence or get a PT. But what kind of “shape” people are in right now is completely irrelevant to us and this is a message we try to get thru.. why....because they decided to change their life NOW. They want to start NOW. We want to help.

It's been an outstanding 2019 Franklin, thank you. We can’t wait to see what 2020 brings alongside our community - we have great things planned to continue to offer different ways to get our community moving!