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Pukekohe Best in Business Awards 2019

Saturday 27th July - wow what a night!!! Thanks so much to the Pukekohe Busines Association for an awesome local Best in Business Awards evening. We are super thrilled to have won the 'Health & Beauty' category!! Our jobs are to work alongside incredible people in our community and help them be fitter stronger & healthier versions of them and we love 💕 our jobs to bits ... this was the icing on the cake 🎂 for sure! We are passionate business owners and have two great Trainers in Lisa & Hira who work with us also making our jobs even more enjoyable. Thanks to all those who nominated, voted or wished us well!

Lisa, Kate, Cherie, Hira
Lisa, Kate, Cherie, Hira

If you are reading this and new to Body Blast here is a little insight into what we're all about...

We pride ourselves on working with real men and women, showing them how a fun exercise regime and great nutrition can change their lives. We strive every class, every day and in every interaction to make exercise fun and we endeavour to teach those we work with that it will change your body AND your mind when you feel healthy, fit and strong!

Our workouts are maintainable, challenge all levels of fitness and our timetable means it fits around the busy lifestyles of our Franklin community. We teach our clients how to change their lifestyle for the better, we want them to understand how good healthy eating and fitness can and should fit into everyone's schedule and that you can love exercise and be part of an incredibly supportive and empowering fitness family. We enjoy watching the friendships that are created in the gym that flow onto outside activities which give a great holistic approach to mind health as well as the physical. Both are just as important in this modern busy world we are all navigating through.

Why are we different?.... because we encourage people when they probably need it the most. It can take a lot of courage to get into a gym and Bodyblast makes everyone, no matter what ability, fitness or confidence level, feel welcome and capable. It’s real life and real trainers.. No judgement when you step inside the doors at Bodyblast!

Our clients tell us we care, motivate and have created a safe welcoming environment where no one feels like a number. They say we offer a relaxed yet focused environment where like minded people can come together, support each other and build each other UP in a world where many are pulling people down.

We don't care what size you are, we care WHO you are! We are a boutique gym with a family feel where we care enough to monitor form and adapt the class to fit fitness levels, body types and capabilities to ensure personal goals are realised.

Working with our clients is the most rewarding and humbling job we could ever wish for…. We are truly the lucky ones, and if we can lessen the obesity and sedentary lifestyles of the people in our community and help them find happiness from moving more and fuelling well then we have won in the competition we are part of… the competition of LIFE.