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Kelci's Story

So I've been part of the Body Blast FitFam for just over a year now.  I do back to back challenges as that suits me best and I LOVE the classes!

While I've lost weight along the way, the last challenge was when everything seemed to fall into place for me.  It turns out Kate, Cherie and Hira actually know their stuff!  So I started listening!

Previously I was working out five times a week and eating anything I wanted...turns out if you want real results you can't do that!  So I cleaned up my eating, cut out some seriously bad habits (goodbye toffee pops) and Damn!  Results are what I got!  Oh, and lets not forget the drinking of the water!

Going into Christmas and camping, I was determined not to undo all of my hard work, so I set the goal of maintaining my weight over the holiday break.  As there were no classes, I walked for an hour each day (6.5km) and kept my eating cleanish.  While on holiday the tribe had an icecream everyday, I had one every third day.  No big deal.  And it is a true story... nothing tastes as good as fit and healthy feels!  We did a bit of family exercise while camping and I returned to the gym 1kg lighter!  Success!

I am looking forward to smashing out my new goals for the new year with the team.

Thanks Kate, Cherie and Hira for the continuous support!