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Donna's Blog

Challenge and real life

Week 3 has been a hard one. I have had sick kids, plus have been sick myself. But I was determined that even though I wasn’t feeling great I didn’t need the extra stress of bad eating especially if I couldn’t be as active. So, I stuck to my healthy eating, and thank goodness I had made soup for the freezer for a healthy option, but one I could handle.

My usual daily/weekly exercise routine was out but I still wanted to keep active so was lucky I had to complete my challenge with in a challenge of walking 3km/30min, so I got to get fresh air, and exercise. A couple of the days I had to be inventive when kids were not feeling great or I was short on time. One of my days I carried one of my children around with me while trying to complete 30 mins of exercise, dedication for sure. Towards the end of the week I was glad to finely be feeling better, and glad to get back to my usual classes and chat to other people.

Even though I hadn’t been super active I managed to have a big loss on the scales. This boosted my low energy and made me realise that If you have the balance of healthy eating and exercise you can achieve weight loss. I'm looking forward to week 4 of the meal sharing challenge. Always great to see what others are making to help add to meal plans.

Smiling kids are way better than sick ones!