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Accountability & achieving your goals

Accountability is an important role in our journey to health and fitness. Just like you have to answer to your teacher, or your Mum and Dad, or even a friend to get a desired outcome, accountability in weight loss and working towards fitness goals works the same way. If you have to answer to someone, your more likely to make the  right choices to help you lose weight and/or hit that goal.

At Body Blast we feel accountability is an important factor in losing weight and getting fit. When you have to report to someone else, when you feel a ‘sense” of pressure, it tends to change how you think/feel and act.  We do this with care, support and understanding – not stand over bully tactics – Kate and I have both had to start from the beginning so can totally relate to the journey being undertaken and feel privileged to be chosen as your accountability partners.  

There are different kinds of accountability:  

A) Food/weight loss accountability

The simple act of writing down everything you eat is a powerful form of accountability, we know someone is reading what we’ve eaten so we think twice before we consume it right? Absolutely we do!  Every day, every bite. …write it down. In weight loss as with many things in life, each step isn’t all that difficult, but consistently doing it every day is – consistency is key! We understand that and give you total support all the way.  Consistency in a behaviour helps create a habit, and with us on your side we are helping creating healthier habits for a lifetime. With regular weigh in and measurement assessments we monitor progress, knowing you have this increases your likelihood to make the right choices with fuelling your body and hugely increases your path to success!  

Click here to download a Body Blast Food Diary sheet. Feel free to record a weeks worth of food and activity and then send it to us for some free feedback!

B) Peer and Group Support In Fitness Accountability  

Having an accountability partner for your fitness helps keep you motivated and committed to moving forward with your fitness goals – especially when your motivation may be low.  You motivate each other, support each other and push each other (when needed) to keep driving forward! The Body Blast classes are kept small on purpose.  This enables all participants to feel a sense of belonging and create friendships… 

Getting the support of this group of people each day can make all the difference on those days when willpower to workout is hard.  You know that your “training buddies” are expecting to see you, to workout with you! If you don’t show you bet we will check in to ensure all is okay and support you to refind that lost mojo, unlike a large gym where you are just another body through the doors – we want success from EVERYONE! Group support created from likeminded individuals all wanting the same thing…. success!