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Time to meet our Boxing Coach!

Hi there! My name is Hira and I have been training in kickboxing more than 10 years. Everyday I train I find the reward at its highest by pushing myself as hard as I can in the session.

When I first started going to group training classes in Muay thai kickboxing I felt part of team which helped my training - this is what I want to replicate here in our sessions at Bodyblast. It pushed me to become at the same level as the top guys. It also pushed me to not let the team down and I trained harder and harder each day. After each day at training I started to form bonds with the people pushing through the pain with me and create connections were made. I love training because it helps clear my mind and become more focused towards my personal goals.

Technique is key and I'm really enjoying teaching our MegaBOX sessions and TeenBOX sessions ... I really love seeing everyones progress and advancements in technique, it blows me away week by week watching the fitness improve, the technique get better and our team get more confident in themselves.

I do say to our members that Rome wasn't built in a day (I wasn't there but I assume it wasnt😉) so everyday I encourage them to come to boxing and work on picking up a new technique and/or to improve on one. Not only do they then feel great with their progress but they lose weight without even thinking about it - win win!

At our sessions you will work on skills you wouldn't usually work on in life - like timing, hand eye coordination, reflexes, rapid decision making and willpower to name a few.

Boxing training also gives you confidence and to a certain extent the ability to defend yourself (I'm not saying fight anyone that causes you trouble here) but at least you can understand the mechanics of defending yourself to diffuse the situation and you can walk tall!

I am thoroughly enjoying teaching boxing for fitness here at Bodyblast, so come on in and give it a try ... I reckon you will get hooked just like I did.

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