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Our teens need us now more than ever

In a world of social media, xBOX,Play Station and a plethora of other ways to engage our teens online its no wonder our teens are struggling in many ways to find their social placing in the world!

Their days are a blur of being on their phones, playing online and pretty much doing the opposite of everything their parents used to do!

Here at The Fitness Box we can see parents pulling their hair out in frustration as they struggle to relate to their children, struggle to motivate their child off the couches and devices and outside to MOVE. It hard as parent to watch their beloved teen trapped in a world that isn’t teaching them the skill set they need to succeed in life.

TeenBOX was borne from an understanding that not all teens play rugby, cricket, netball or any of those 'general' sports. Some teens are looking for that something different that will enable them to find a healthy outlet for pent up energy, an outlet which will help them to not only increase their fitness hugely but also:

1) GROW in self- confidence

We are in the midst of a time where our teens are finding it hard to feel connected, have a sense of belonging and many are struggling to share where they are 'at'.

At TeenBOX our boys and girls are using the discipline of boxing for fitness to gain self-confidence which in turn helps them grow healthy fitter and happy in their own skin.

2) Learn about RESILIENCE

The ability to get back up when they feel 'knocked down' is a skill needed as they move into adulthood. Our TeenBOX classes give quality exercise and confidence boosting opportunities for our teens of the community so that can learn from their MIS-takes in an active and safe environment putting them in get stead for when they venture into adulthood!

These are a just a couple of ways which will help them become CONTRIBUTING MEMBERS of our society.

We all know those teens that have no sense of value, no appropriate outlet for frustration and pent up emotions that go off-track - we are looking to grab that restless energy and channel it into a positive experience of fun and disciplined self control through BOXING.

Boxing is a sport, its one that leads many a person through a great journey to being happier healthier people…. lets get your teen into boxing and allow them the opportunity to get support around some of those important skill sets that social media, devices and busy minds don't allow them to get.

TeenBOX is run by Hira McClutchie who enjoys working with our 12-16 year old girls and boys. 10 years of Muay Thai and boxing experience and an incredible easy going nature has allowed our teens to really enjoy their sessions with Hira… they walk out tired but happy!

Your teens first session at TeenBOX is free so click here and book your son or daughter in to come along and see what they think for themselves.

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