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Introducing your Body Blast crew

Hi I’m Ange, a freelance graphic designer, wife, and mum of 2 boys (11 and 8) and homestay mum to a long term 14 year old international student.  In the last couple of months I have come on board to help Cherie and Kate with the creation of various bits of corporate collateral, to redesign the Body Blast website and generally assist with anything they need promotion wise.

My history with these lovely ladies goes back further than that though! I met Cherie back in 2011 when she was at the start of her fitness journey (which prompted a subsequent career change!) as a member of another gym. We both caught the running bug around that time (although unlike Cherie, my love of running is in slumber mode lol - and I am instead enjoying the benefits of metafit, metapwr and megabox!). Kate was also an instructor at the same gym so I enjoyed classes led by both these ladies for a year or two before they set up Body Blast together.

I have always been a come and go kinda gym gal, few months on, few months off.. but Cherie and Kate have always been there and given gentle encouragement to ‘keep at it’.. and so I find myself coming back to them for more! I am definitely inspired by their own journeys and how they’ve both managed to maintain such a consistent healthy lifestyle - something I am trying hard to achieve for myself!

I’m sure with their prodding I will reach my goals ;-)

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