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Updated: Apr 28, 2018

The first week of a new challenge is always the hardest, settling in to a new routine and changing eating habits, but it is worth it…. I totally believe it!

My name is Donna and I am a Mum to 3 kiddies, a business owner and wife. Life is

busy, but I have decided that I was making too many excuses and needed to do

something for me, but also that would benefit my family by having a healthy Mum, Wife,


So I signed up to my first challenge with Body blast in January this year and loved the

support that I got from Cherie and Kate, and all the other participants. Metafit and

MetaPWR fit in so well with my crazy life, the sessions are short and are at times that suit

everyone (I do Crazy o'clock in the morning….thats 5am!!!).

Its amazing how a group of people can keep you motivated to achieve something with

all the awesome posts of getting fitter, and completing the challenges with a challenge,

recipe sharing or just what are you having for lunch posts or having a joke about adding

rum to the bliss ball recipe.

For me the first challenge sped by, and it wasn’t hard to eat healthy as for the first time

in so long I was full from my diet choices. What!!! Healthy eating is easy and yum. But

with the support of Cherie and Kate, guiding you to choose right it is easy!! So here I

am back again on the next challenge to continue the fun!

I have a sweet tooth and love lollies. But am I missing them? No. I have discovered

bliss balls and a yummy low carb muffin recipe and fresh fruit helps curb those


By recording my food intake and exercise I was able to look back and see the huge

changes I have made, and it also makes you rethink things that might not be healthy,

and helps to have guidance from Cherie and Kate, who can make suggestions and

point you in the right direction. I was in the mindset of “if a product is called healthy it

must be healthy', but this is not always the case. Whole foods are better I have learned!

I find having small goals to achieve on a weekly basis work for me, and also if I had a

bad day that it was ok. Tomorrow is a new day and at the end of each week I always

had a treat, which wasn’t always food related either.

Week One resulted in a loss of almost a kg which I’m stoked about - this challenge is


Week 2 of challenge and O.K I have to admit it…….my body is protesting as I push

myself to move in different ways be lifting heavier weights, or putting 100% into a


My stomach muscles (think I might finally be getting some) are protesting after the press

up challenge we had. Boy that was a hard one, but such a great feeling when you did

more each day and some attempts on my toes, although with shaky weak arms but I

gave it a go and nailed some!

My 4 year old got so used to me asking her to take my picture (we had to supply proof

we had done them) that on Saturday she said to me “Mum smile I will take your press

up picture before I look at something on your phone." (bless her)

My goal this week is to do 4 classes. Harder than I thought, but also I need to do

something different to give my other muscles a work out. So hopefully I can achieve


At the beginning of the challenge we had to commit to 3 classes and Kate and Cherie

booked them in….. having them already booked makes you think you are letting

someone down if you are not going to show up - so show up I do - otherwise you can

expect to hear from Kate or Cherie personally!

It is hard to get up when it’s cold, raining and you're snuggled up in bed. Why get up to

exercise crosses my mind briefly but I do and I feel so much better for doing so.

Another goal I sent myself on this challenge is to make more family friendly meals so I

am not making a meal for me and something different for my family. Kate said to me it’s

about often just swapping out the carbs. So this is my plan, and so far, I have only been

having to make small adjustments. And everyone is eating healthier options, and I am

saving time. Winning!!

We all need something that motivates you to get to class, and out moving and eating

well. Mine is having my own time, I don’t have to stop the kids from fighting, I don’t have

to get anyone anything. And you know what else…. Im 7kg down since starting this

journey and I am feeling fitter and healthier … I can’t wait (note the sarcasm lol) for

next weeks tasks they have given out…. Watch this space!


If you've been thinking about doing something for YOU, join us today!

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