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Covid-19 update

As we prepare to enter into a Countrywide lockdown on Wednesday March 25th we have closed our doors to our classes as of today to allow people to move into Lockdown in a nationwide attempt to reduce the impact of Covid-19 as per Government order. Your health continues to be our number one priority. Just because we are unable to train in our Private Studio doesn't mean our Vision and Mission to help our community have better health and wellness needs to stop!

We are working hard to bring you at home live and at online programs to keep you all fit, healthy and strong during this challenging time. We hope to have our online platform live in the next few days which will include workouts, nutritional guidance and a variation of additional resources, and of course our unique light relief of banter and laughs. We will share the details on our Bodyblast Facebook page as soon as we can which will provide details on how to get access to all the above and support from our Coaches Kate & Cherie.

As a group we can continue our Fitfam banter and support - just virtually! We look forward to sharing more soon. In the meantime Stay Healthy!! A strong and healthy immune is our best defence!

Love Cherie and Kate xox

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